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Thread: Won't idle

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    Dec 2006
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    Won't idle

    On my way home from work the bike suddenly wouldn't idle, surged, had to keep it above 2000 rpm to keep it running and throttle response was horrible.

    Bike is a 2006 XB9SX, has 800 trouble free miles since doing some head work and has 24,000 miles on the clock.

    I am guessing it is a TPS sensor issue. Is this a good guess? Do you need diagnostic equipment to see the trouble codes?
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    I would suspect of the idle control solenoid (IAC)

    it is beneath the air filter base on the right side
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    Jun 2008

    Had similar symptoms with the TT years ago. Turned out to be a badly frayed wire on the TPS. One of the wires fatigued and had almost completely broken off where it goes into the TPS sensors body.

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