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    Old School Ignition

    Old School Ignition. So I am in the garage with old timers, talking about the blast. The conversation reflects on the "old" singles, what made them great. Why their sound was unique. The question came to me about Ignition. They wondered what the blast would sound like with old school points. I said, can't do..the cam turns Counter Clock wise so the HD point flyweights wont advance. So they wanted me to post...Is there any foreign flyweights that work CCW? Maybe a complete point set up? They got me wondering about the sound

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    Not sure about bikes, but I believe Ford V8 distributors are CCW, maybe the plate and points from that could be adapted? You'd have to figure out the single rubbing block, which could be simple as grinding the rest of the lobes off, if you used the Ford shaft that is.

    Come to think of it, either Oldsmobile or Pontiac engines were CCW distributors also. Who knows, you might be able to use those parts.
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