Saw this new Forum awhile back and finally have an appropriate question to post. Hopefully someone has an answer. Iíve had Innovate LC-1ís in both Buellí for years. About 1.5 to 2 years ago I updated one of the LC-1ís with an MTX-L. Itís kind of a neat system and works well.

Last summer was doing something to the bike, (donít remember what). When finished the WB wouldnít switch. The AFR reading was either low, (around-7) or high, (around 22). It would stay at one reading for 20-30 seconds then switch to the other end of the scale. Never reading the correct AFR. When this happened the bike didnít run well. You could tell something was wrong.

Scratched my head but couldnít figure it out. Removed the WB and did a free air calibration. Like magic it worked fine for the rest of the summer and fall until I stopped riding the bike last winter.

When I started the bike up a few weeks ago the problem returned. Over the winter I had removed the battery, probably for a couple of months. Never had this issue on the LC-1ís.

Anyone have any suggestions or comments? Thanks.